Overcomer Series: Dealing with Dysfunction

Pastor Theresa Rosario
September 16, 2018

Overcomer Series: Dealing with Dysfunction

Overcoming a difficult beginning

The Bible depicts the tension in this home. But as it usually is in dysfunctional families, this narrative here is just the tip of the iceberg. Joseph’s family was so unbelievable that if it was made into a soap opera, no one would believe it.

  • He had three stepmothers, ten step-brothers, one brother, and a step sister–all living in the home at the same time.
  • His father, Jacob, though generally godly, embraced the polygamy that was common in the day, which opened the door to jealousy, insecurity and almost constant conflict among his wives.
  • Jacob was also a passive parent, whose lack of involvement and leadership brought incredible pain and confusion to his family.

Joseph’s brothers took turns being brutal, conniving, and openly immoral.

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