Looking Back and Looking Forward

Pastor Theresa Rosario
November 26, 2017

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking back and looking forward through the Spirit’s lens is so different from doing so in the flesh.  In the natural we might look back with regret and look forward with dread. The enemy of our souls would love us to live in constant remorse at the past and conclude that the future is something to fear.  But Jesus teaches us that “whoever the Son sets free shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). What does it mean to be “free indeed?”  It’s ironic that Jesus sets us free from our sin, but Christians spend the rest of their lives trying desperately not to lie, not to be selfish, not to lust.  Does that sound like freedom? In this message learn what it means to be “free indeed” by looking back with gratitude and looking forward with faith.  The Christian life is not just about “don’t.” It’s about “be,” “go,” and “grow.”  You don’t need to “make” anything happen.  Just “respond.”

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