Sermons tagged: Forgiveness

Pastor Rich
July 23, 2017

Blockbuster Lessons: The Shack

Pastor Rich brings us the next installment of our Blockbuster Series. He’s using the movie “The Shack” to illustrate biblical truth. Where is God in our pain? Why does an almighty God allow suffering? Can we really trust in God’s goodness? Yes we can, and Pastor Rich walks us through closing our personal “court” and…

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Pastor Glenn
May 7, 2017

Mercy: “Mercy Forgives”

Mercy is undeserved forgiveness and unearned kindness. Jesus spoke about it in the Lord’s prayer, stressing that you not only need to receive God’s mercy, but also give it to others. Through God’s mercy, you receive freedom. When you extend mercy to others, you are helping them experience that same freedom. In this message we…

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Pastor Theresa Rosario
March 20, 2016

“Daring to Give God My Best”

Do you do your best at all times? The Bible has dozens of verses about doing your best, looking for the best in others, and choosing the best. Your lives should be dedicated to God and giving him your best. In this message, we will learn valuable lessons from the soldier, the athlete, and the…

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