Sermons tagged: Fear

Pastor Glenn
October 2, 2017

Close Encounters: “NO SKED UM GO GET UM”

Peter responded to Jesus’ call and did something way beyond his natural abilities.  He walked on water.  But it required Peter to go beyond what was comfortable and familiar.  Like Peter, Jesus might just call you to do something similar.  Will you be ready to respond without fear?  In this message, let’s learn from Jesus’…

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Pastor Theresa Rosario
October 2, 2016

Follow: “Fearless”

We want to follow Jesus, but where is he leading? What is the payoff for following him? Is it being a better person? Is it life in heaven after we die? Is it a pain-free life? If you follow Jesus, you will be a better person. If you follow him, you will go to heaven. If you follow…

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Pastor Theresa Rosario
September 4, 2016

Bible Baddies: The Coward

When it comes to radical obedience to heed God’s call on our lives, there are many great examples to learn from in the bible.  However, there is one character who because of his pride, being bad tempered, and being a grumbler, runs away from what God wants him to do.  Can you relate?  Let’s learn from this character…

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Pastor Glenn Rosario
October 18, 2015


Does it seem the society we live in doesn’t help us at all to live in love, joy, and peace? FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is worstened by NOMO (No Mobile phone) which makes us EMO (emotionally out of control). Grow our EQ by recognizing and embracing God’s Presence in our lives that manifests as…

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