Sermons tagged: Emotions

October 25, 2015

EQ: Captive Thoughts

Think about it: Our emotional issues really start with our thought patterns. We are frustrated because someone (maybe God) is not doing what we expect. If only people would just listen to you, then you could be happy. That’s a run-away thought that needs to be taken captive! So if we “think” differently we will…

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Pastor Glenn Rosario
October 18, 2015


Does it seem the society we live in doesn’t help us at all to live in love, joy, and peace? FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is worstened by NOMO (No Mobile phone) which makes us EMO (emotionally out of control). Grow our EQ by recognizing and embracing God’s Presence in our lives that manifests as…

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Pastor Theresa Rosario
October 11, 2015

EQ: “I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK”

But how do we become OK? Road rage. Family fights. Strife at work. Whether you’re Christian or not, we have issues! People who don’t go to Church have issues. People in the Church have issues. (Which is why some people have decided not to go to Church.) So what’s the difference? Why go to Church?…

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