Sermons tagged: Action

Pastor Theresa Rosario
September 10, 2017

Switch On Your Brain: “Take Action”

Welcome to your final week (Day 15) of our 21-Day Brain Detox program! Today, we will examine how thoughts lead to actions that become habits that determine our character and our destiny. Do you see how powerful our thoughts are?  When we repeat certain actions over and over again that becomes lifestyle.  We develop this…

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Pastor Glenn
May 22, 2017

Mercy: “Your Ministry of Mercy”

Jesus healed the sick. He visited social outcasts. He gave people a second chance. Jesus’ mercy to people was evident through his actions. As a result, Jesus was able to reach the unreachable. The Miracle of Mercy series continues as we share this message called “Your Ministry of Mercy”. You will learn how to take…

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