Sermon Archives: September2019

Pastor Mike
September 15, 2019

SoulShift2: “Me to You”

“Me to You” is the shift in orientation from focusing merely on ourselves to focusing on others. We are all of us wired for self-preservation. For birth our first struggles are self-centered ones. But the Spirit now shifts us from thinking primarily about me (self) to now caring about you (others). Indeed, the whole world…

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Pastor Glenn
September 8, 2019

Soul Shift

What are the key, dramatic paradigm shifts of the Christian life that transform us individually and corporately into contenders for the Manifest Presence? Let’s call those “Soul Shifts”. SoulShift covers the seven shifts of the soul the Holy Spirit leads us through in order to change our life and empower us to keep changing and…

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Pastor Theresa Rosario
September 1, 2019

Victorious5: “The Battle for Your Heart”

VICTORIOUS Victorious Series: A Person After God’s Own Heart Aug 31 – Sep 1, 2019 How did David end up? He was a man after God’s own heart. Victorious Life = A Battle for YOUR HEART. VICTORIOUS Bulletin Notes WITHOUT ANSWERS

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