Sermon Archives: February2018

Chris Massad
February 25, 2018

Learning From Others Who Came Before You

Learning from the past can help you succeed; if you don’t, you’ll end up making the same mistakes. And while it’s wise to learn from your own mistakes, it’s even wiser to learn from the mistakes of others. In this message featuring guest speaker Chris Massad, he shares a message called “Learning From Others Who…

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Pastor Glenn
February 18, 2018

When God Tests You With Success

We all want to be successful. But often, we forget that God can use our success to test our true motives. When we achieve success in our lives, we can either praise God for what he’s done, or become proud and take the credit ourselves. In this message Pastor Glenn shares a message called When…

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James Horton
February 11, 2018

Be All You Can Be…On Mission!

Relentless Missions Conference Weekend featuring James Horton who talks to our New Hope Haleiwa campus about being “On Mission”.

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Pastor Glenn
February 4, 2018

When The Heat Is On

Everyone goes through testing. It’s a natural part of life and growth. Going through testing is rarely pleasant, but knowing God is always by your side in the midst of those challenges provides comfort and hope. Every time God sees you faithfully navigate the tests of life, he pours more blessing on your life. In…

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