Sermon Archives: March2017

Pastor Glenn
March 26, 2017

I Have A Friend Who Believes In A Different Religion

Talking with friends about their religion needs to be done with the utmost respect and honor.  How would you like it if someone put down Christianity?  That said, the key question is “what is the authority behind our beliefs?”  All religions have human founders except for Christianity. From Another Religion bulletin notes answers  

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NHCO Webmaster
March 20, 2017

The Scripture of the Savior

The Scripture of the Saviour is a powerful message that revealed the Mission of Jesus on Earth to the Broken, Bound, the Blind, Bruised  and really the challenge to us personally to be JESUS TODAY to those Broken, Bound, Blind, and Bruised.

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Pastor Glenn
March 12, 2017

I Have A Friend Who Was Hurt By The Church

Today we are in a mini-series called, “I Have a Friend Who…” where we are tackling the biggest reasons our friends and family don’t come to Church. Prior to the series we invited you to go to our website and fill out a short survey about why your friends don’t come to Church. From the…

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Pastor Theresa Rosario
March 5, 2017

I Have a Friend Who Thinks Church and Religion are Irrelevant

We all have family or friends like this.  Try to have this conversation: “What are you planning to do with your life?” “Get a job, career.” “Then what?” “Retire.” “Then what?” “Die.” “Then what?” As pastors whenever we minister to people on their deathbed, without fail the person has two things on their minds: family…

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