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PGlennPastor Glenn had us recite this prayer at the end of last week’s message.  Here it is again as text in case you wanted to save it or share it.

Prayer for Sexual Purity

I renounce all sexual sin that I have been involved with in the past in the name of Jesus.  I break all curses of adultery, perversion, fornication and lust.

According to Romans 12:1, I present my body to the Lord as a living sacrifice.  The members of my body are the members of Christ I will not let them be members of a harlot, or the spirit of lust.  I release the fire of God to burn out all unclean lust from my life in the name of Jesus.

I break all ungodly soul ties in the name of Jesus.

I cast out all spirits of loneliness that would drive me to ungodly relationships.

I command all spirits of hereditary lust from my ancestors to come out in the name of Jesus.

I command all spirits of witchcraft that work with lust to leave in the name of Jesus.

I take authority over my thoughts and bind all spirits of fantasy and lustful thinking.

I cast out all marriage-breaking spirits that would break covenant in the name of Jesus, according to Romans 1:4.

I receive the spirit of holiness to walk in sexual purity according to 1 John 2:16

I loose myself from the spirit of the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

I overcome the world through the power of the Holy Spirit as I am crucified with Christ, I will be resurrected with Christ.

For with Him, in Him and through Him I am alive in victory.  I will never be the same!  Never never never, in Jesus name, for I am a new creation!

To God be the glory forever and ever and ever,


farmers-market-promo-nhcoyouthLocal farmers have kindly donated to the youth ministry produce to sell at the upcoming Mililani High School Carnival, happening February 19-21.
The Youth ministry will be running a Farmers’ Market booth with all the various produce!  All the proceeds from the event will go back to the youth ministry, providing for camps, conferences, and other events and covering the cost of supplies and snacks used during the Wednesday bible studies for Delta, X-Chi, and Zeo. God has been so awesome to draw these youth closer to Him at these events.
Our heart is to make Jesus famous through the opportunities He gives us. Please come by the booth at the carnival and support our youth by encouraging them and purchasing the vegetables and fruits they have to offer.