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So today I sat through my mom, Pastor Theresa’s, message about staying tethered to the Mercy seat and hearing God’s voice. (You can watch her sermon in the previous post.) And I found that the way she explained it was fairly simple. Overall, what I took from her message was to not over think it. People often expect anything to do with the Holy Spirit to be super-spiritual and somewhat strange. But staying tethered to the Mercy seat; hearing God’s voice; remaining in God’s presence really just means drawing your joy and strength from the Lord. As Mom said, “[Staying tethered to the Mercy Seat] is not a religious activity. It is a relationship.” And through this relationship – a parent to child relationship that you have with God – God wants to transform you from glory to glory.

This relationship that we have with our Heavenly Father comes from enjoying God’s presence. A choice needs to be made by you to worship your Lord and savior. A choice needs to be made to do your devotions. A choice needs to made by you to strengthen your relationship with God. After all, a relationship takes two people. God can not – God will not – do everything for you. Otherwise it just becomes religious activity. When you enter into God’s presence willingly you receive joyen joy enjoy. (I tried to be creative ;D)

For a relationship to grow and to strengthen, two individuals must learn about each other. To learn about each other, they need to talk to each other. So Mom’s next point was to become familiar with the voice of God. To become familiar with God’s voice, all you need to do is read the bible. The bible is not Paul speaking to you. It is not Moses speaking to you. Nor is it Daniel, or Matthew, or John speaking to you. It is God speaking to you through those chosen people. That is why the bible is called “the Word of God.” The more familiar you are with God’s voice, the easier it is to tell whether or not God is speaking to you.

Now, once you have become familiar with God’s voice, you need to not only hear God, you also need to obey God. If you do not obey God, that still, small voice will become more difficult to hear. As Jesus said himself in Luke 6:46, “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” Jesus is basically saying, “If you won’t listen to what I have already told you to do, why should I keep talking to you?” Mom shared about a personal experience that she had when God had told her something and she didn’t obey. As time went on, she could tell that God’s voice was fading. She said she had a harder time hearing his voice and asked Him what she was doing wrong. As soon as she did the first thing He told her to do, his voice was clear to her again. As great as it is to hear God, it means nothing if you don’t obey Him as it says in Luke 11:28, “He replied, ‘Blessed rather, are those who hear the word of God and obey it.'”

Staying tethered to the Mercy Seat and remaining in God’s presence is a choice we all have to make. As we work to strengthen our relationship with God, it becomes easier to go into God’s presence and to stay there, beyond the veil.

Thanks for listening!!! 🙂

– Giscelle Rosario