R.I.S.E. up and become a disciple of Christ

Men’s Retreat – November 29 – December 1

Spiritual Retreat for Men
(12 and over)
Nov 29 – Dec 1 2012 (Thu-Sat)
$75 for the full experience
Pro-rated pricing available
Camp Pu’u Kahea

Imagine yourself having a conversation with a close friend…whose funeral you attended just days ago. That is what takes place in Mt. 28. The disciples just eye-witnessed Jesus die on the cross and now He’s sitting across from them at the table. This would be the most significant conversation not just of their lifetime, but for ALL time. This year’s Men’s Retreat is dedicated to the details of that conversation–a conversation with a Person who had just returned from the afterlife.  After their encounter with the risen Christ the disciples transformed their world forever; after you encounter Jesus you will transform yours. RISE. Become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Join your brothers at this year’s Men’s Retreat.

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