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2012-08-26, a set on Flickr.

Check out the FIRST POST in the “Pastors’ Ponderings” section!  Pastors Glenn & Theresa Rosario are diving in the deep end of the tech pool by starting a blog!  It’s a place for them to write about whatever they feel led to.

Encourage them by reading AND COMMENTING on their posts!  There is nothing more encouraging to a writer than to have comments and engage with their readers!  I know they would love to hear from you, so don’t be shy!

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New Hope Logo2012-8-26 Podcast “Me To You” – Dr. Mike Palompo

Pastor Mike concludes the “Soul Shift” series with the message titled “Me to We”.

Senior Pastor Mike Palompo brings us the last Soul Shift, Me To We.  Me to We is a shift in priority from individualism to community.  Something pivotal happens in our lives when we begin to accept the identity of our community.  We seek council.  We accept correction.  We allow those around us to teach us about God and interpret him for us.  We use our talents and develop our gifts according to affirmation of other.  In short, we find ourselves as Jesus said we would, by losing ourselves in the community of God.

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New Hope Logo2012-8-19 PODCAST “Soul Shift: Sheep to Shepherd” – Glenn Rosario

Sheep to Shepherd is a shift in influence from following the crowd to leading like Christ.

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2012-8-19, a set on Flickr.

Last Sunday Pastor Glenn Rosario  brought us the next Soul Shift: Sheep To Shepherd.  Sheep to Shepherd is a shift in influence from following the crowd to leading like Christ.  Most of us are quite good at following or we would not be Christians at all.  But something happens when Jesus, who first asked us to folllow him, then tells us to lead.  The call to follow becomes the call to lead in the very circles in which we once followed.  Our prayers become an intercession.  To volunteer is to minister.  Our careers become a calling and we, who were sheep, become shepherds.

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2012-8-12, a set on Flickr.

Pastor Glenn brings us this weeks’s Soul-Shift, titled “Consumer to Steward”.  Consumer to Steward is a shift in ownership from aquiring things for ourselves to offering what we have to God and others.  Our souls may be saved, but we are still consumers.  We complain about our salaries, fatten our retirements, stockpile more than we can use, and then want more.  Over time, the Holy Spirit will change us into being stewards who see that all we have is only borrowed from God.  We will become less attached to things and more generous.  We will no longer measure life in terms of possessions, and we won’t even miss them when their gone.

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New Hope Logo2012-8-5 Podcast “Soul Shift: ” – Theresa Rosario

Theresa Rosario brings us this week’s Soul Shift. ASK TO LISTEN is a shift in posture from asking others to listening to God.  When we make this shift, rather than asking God or someone else to answer our questions, we begin to ask the questions God is already answering.  We will let him speak.  We will let him set the agenda.  We will listen.